Really? The top lawyer of a billion dollar social media

Use: When you visit the sequence machine you will see a string of gifs at the top, this is the short story we are creating, you can scroll backwards and see the very first gif (scene 1) then the next, and so on (all of these will have lock icons on them) up until the current scene we are voting on (the latest one without a lock icon), this is the story we are telling (non sense so far). Beneath the sequence strip at the top is a box in the middle of the screen with the current nominees for gifs of the current scene we are on. Everyone should vote on a gif that makes the most sense to pair with the gif from the previous scene, that way it strings together and tells a neat/funny/etc story.

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canada goose uk outlet I didn say Harris is a racist, he not. He simply pushes an alt right ideology and racists are attracted to it. This is why there was blowback after Harris interviewed Christian Piccolini. Joe tried to find common ground by saying “Can we all at least agree that social media in general leans more left than right?” and the lawyer LITERALLY said “I don know what that means”. Really? The top lawyer of a billion dollar social media company that follows dozens of political accounts has never heard the term “left wing”? It was super obvious right there that she was just avoiding the question, there was no intent to be “open and honest” as you say, when she outright lies like that to avoid admitting that they might have a political bias among their employees. Jack Dorsey on the other hand was far more open, and outright admitted his company has a bias. canada goose uk outlet

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