You don really know how to play

4 points submitted 14 hours agoid imagine as long as you don demonstrate that you have knowledge of the enemy you normally shouldn then its fine, and though i suppose it is possible that if you do it EVERY time you in a game with them itll be suspicious youd have to do it a LOT, enough so where theres no question you are just targeting them BECAUSE they are streaming. Like if its behavior that isnt in the norm for you comparing to your other games.Just play like normal and there no problemSyncing, playing back the game with the stream and saying when they make their decisions. If they react or change how they move in time with stream delay its a dead giveaway.Demeanor, whether or not they taunt the streamer via chat or just constantly in gameStream Chat, whether they can be confirmed to be in the stream at the time or joined as the match starts.Deviation, if how they act in game with the streamer is different to how they played prior games.This isnt as abusable as people think it is.

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