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Cardiac muscle is found. Cardiac Muscle is found in the heart. Cardiac muscle That would be cardiac, its only found in your heart. No exceptions! This rule includes pictures video of various electronic screens, other than just on mobile devices, like computers, TVs, and radios.We have expanded this rule to include non organic and/or photoshopped pictures, meme styled photos, and most other pictures with text on them.Your submission stayed up because it was popular. Unfortunately, it is now being removed as it breaks one or more of our rules. On the bright side, you get to keep all of the karma you received by creating this post.

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To me comparing Diablo 3 and PoE is like comparing Call of Duty to Rainbow 6. Sure both are shooters, however one is far more casual than the other. If that is what you want fine, but that why a lot of the PoE community that has been around for awhile gets up in arms about a cry for simplicity.

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